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A library was part of The Army and Navy Club's founding purpose when the Club was formed in 1891. Housed on the third floor of the clubhouse and staffed by a full-time librarian, the Library currently consists of some 15,000 titles, specializing in United States military and naval history and science. Significant ancillary collections include American foreign relations, world political history, biography, and fiction. 

With its unique and handsome spaces, the Library is a comfortable retreat for casual or scholarly reading. A wide selection of military and naval journals, as well as other periodicals, is available in the reading room, along with major daily newspapers. Computers and wireless internet are available, and laptops are welcome. Come experience one of the most treasured libraries in Washington, D.C.


The Library is open everyday from 6:00 am to 9:00 pm.


Food and beverage are not permitted in the Library. Talking on cell phones is permitted only in the Gannon Room, while laptops are welcome in the Library. The Club's dress code is strictly enforced.
The Library's legacy collection is currently cataloged on an Inmagic database, which is networked on all six computers on site. Records for new books (i.e., those acquired beginning in 2019) are found in the Library's online catalog. Click below to access the catalog.


The collection is arranged by the Dewey Decimal Classification system; some of the main sections are found under the following numbers:
[ 327 ]
International Relations
[ 359 ]
Sea Forces and Warfare
[ 940.54 ]
Military History of World War II
[ 355 ]
Military Science
[ 623 ]
Military and Naval Engineering
[ 951.9042 ]
Korean War
[ 356 ]
Foot Forces and Warfare
[ 921 ]
[ 959.7043 ]
Vietnam War
[ 358 ]
  Air and Other Specialized Forces and Warfare  
[ 940.4 ]
Military History of World War I
[ 973 ]
United States History
Borrowing privileges are for Army and Navy Club members exclusively. Only circulating books may be removed from the Library and must be checked out first. To check out a book, fill out a circulation slip with your name and member number, the title and author of the book, and today's date. Retain the top copy and leave the bottom copy for Library use. Checkout-slip holders are found on the three large tables in the Library's main rooms. Please note that the Library no longer uses the circulation cards in the pockets at the back of the books in the legacy collection. The loan period is four weeks. Again, please see the Librarian for any assistance with checking out materials.
Return books to the Librarian or to the Front Desk. Please do not reshelve books that you have checked out; they must be checked in by the Librarian on their return.


The Gannon Room, the Club's business center, is named in honor of Richard J. Gannon II, U.S.M.C., who was killed in action in Iraq in 2004 while serving as commanding officer of Lima Company, 3rd Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment. He was posthumously awarded the Silver Star and promoted to major. The room was made possible by an anonymous donation to the Army and Navy Club Library Trust given in memory of Major Gannon. The carved panels of rare American chestnut incorporated into the design are from the interior of the previous clubhouse (Hornblower & Marshall, 1911-1912).

The particular object of this, The Army and Navy Club, shall be the discussion of subjects relating to the military and naval services, the cultivation of social relations among the members, and the establishment and maintenance of a library and reading-room for the use of the members of the Club.

— Certificate of Incorporation, Art. III, October 5, 1891