General Information

The Army and Navy Club is a private, not-for-profit, membership-only club in the heart of Washington, DC.



The Army and Navy Club traces its beginning to December 1885 when seven officers -- all Army, Navy and Marine Corps veterans of the Mexican and Civil wars -- met to form the United Service Club. In 1891 the Club was reincorporated as The Army and Navy Club, and on October 15, 1891, the Board of Governors held its first meeting. Almost 100 years later, the Club, after extensive renovation, reopened and was formally dedicated by President Ronald W. Reagan on
January 12, 1988.

Mission Statement

The Army and Navy Club is a private, not for profit, club which provides a wide range of hospitality to its members and their guests in a place and atmosphere of timeless elegance. The Club maintains the high standards demanded by the customs of its rich military traditions while offering the facilities and services needed to satisfy the modern military/business professional. It will be valued by its members as a showplace of camaraderie, recognition, discretion, prestige, tradition and comfort as well as a location noted for its exceptional dining and hospitality. To ensure our heritage is preserved and passed to future generations, the Club will be operated in a manner that is fiscally responsible and that exhibits the highest standards of financial accountability and transparency in its management and leadership practices.