• Dress Code
    • The Club's dress code is designed to ensure that members and their guests are attired in a manner consistent with Club traditions.

      Service Uniform

      The prescribed Service Uniform of the Day is acceptable at all times within the clubhouse except for specific events where a dress code has been announced prior to the event. Working uniforms are not authorized within the clubhouse.

      Civilian Attire

      Main Dining Room

      Dinner and Evening Buffets: Coat and necktie.
      Breakfast, Lunch, and Sunday Brunch: Coat and collared shirt.

      Daiquiri Lounge

      Coat and collared shirt.

      Eagle Grill

      Casual clothing appropriate to the season.
      Casual dress trousers, appropriate sweaters and collared shirts.

      The following attire is not acceptable: jeans, shorts, T-shirts, tank tops, sleeveless shirts or shirts without a collar, baseball caps, hats or head coverings unless required for religious purposes, tennis or running shoes, sneakers, any type of athletic clothing, ripped or frayed clothing and/or footwear and similar apparel. A limited supply of coats and neckties will be maintained for temporary use at the Front Desk.

  • Cell Phone Policy
    • Silent, handheld electronic devices (including tablets) may be used discretely throughout the clubhouse. Cell phones may only be used in the main lobby, the second floor parade, hallways, and the business center in the library. Laptop computers may be used in the library at any time and in the Daiquiri Lounge when the bar is not open.

  • Smoking Policy
    • In accordance with District of Columbia law, smoking (including e-cigarettes) is not permitted within the clubhouse.